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The Byrna HD is the best in-its-class, powerful, and extremely effective CO2-powered personal Less-Lethal Firearm. 

The Byrna HD fires .68 calibre chemical irritant rounds filled with a highly potent cocktail of OC (pepper spray), CS (tear gas), and PAVA (synthetic pepper spray).

Align Export are proud to be a registered distributor of the Byrna HD kits and all its relevant accessories, including 8- and 12-gram CO2 cartridges, projectiles, magazine clips and carriers, tactical and concealed holsters, and target posters.


When it comes to protecting yourself, it is not surprising that the Byrna HD, Non-Lethal Firearm, is the most effective and powerful air fired handheld security device now available in South Africa. This engineered non-lethal device can effectively deter, disorientate and delay assailants.

Be prepared wherever you go. Your safety comes first.

With the Byrna HD, you’ll not hesitate, and there will be no need to hesitate to shoot. If one makes a mistake, it won’t be a fatal mistake. Within an hour the “assailant” will be as good as new. The ability to fire a Byrna HD without worrying about the consequences of a fatal mistake is enormously liberating.

More important, the Byrna HD lives at the intersection of gun owners. Owners that do not want to take a life and non-gun owners that for some reason do not want to own a firearm. Many people, for philosophical reasons or because they have young children at home, do not want to have a firearm in their house, whilst they most certainly want to be able to protect their family. The Byrna HD provides them with the ability to protect their family without having a deadly weapon in their house.

The Byrna HD is truly effective means of protecting oneself and family without the risk of taking a life. As we say - THE BYRNA HD SAVE LIVES - and the life you save might be your own.


Not all situations require lethal force. That’s where the Byrna HD fits in. This device is powerful, extremely effective Co2 - powered personal security device and the only self-defence weapon that delivers a payload of chemical irritant (OC. CS, PAVA) and solid projectiles.


No Firearm License

No Background Checks

No Waiting Periods






Easy to Use

Point and Shoot

No Recoil


Easy to Customize

Customizable Sights